Omdat Jy Vrou Is

Irma Dennewill

Omdat Jy Vrou Is/Because You’re a Woman

This ministry started in August 2017. Since then, we had 2 groups per year until Covid-19 lockdown. During the covid period we only had one group of ladies attending.

My heart for this ministry is help woman to grow in their walk with Christ, to live life in abundance knowing that God loves them and get them to the place where they are emotionally healed from the past hurts and restored.

This year one group has already completed the course and we felt in our hearts that woman need fellowship and more time to deal with all the above topics. The decision was made not to break the course down in a set period but rather to run continuously through the year spending more time with certain topics and allowing ladies to join any time and to discuss additional topics as needed.

The course consists of the following topics:
The ministry revolves around a course that runs over a period of 15 weeks.

  1. You are uniquely designed by God – to find our identity in Christ and to accept ourselves
  2. Unconditional love – learn to accept and love our neighbours as Christ wants us to love and Christ unconditional love for us
  3. Respect & Sympathetic understanding – To respect our spouses and understand the stresses people go through
  4. Unresolved anger & wounds of the heart – all about forgiveness and hurt in our lives
  5. Wall’s – learn what boundaries are, how to deal with boundaries, and to learn that God also have boundaries. And how to get rid of the walls we built around our hearts
  6. Who is you DADDY – who is God our Father?
  7. Protector & Submission – Learn that our spouses are our protectors and why we must submit. God is our protector, provider, and submission to Him
  8. Emotionally drained – How to cope with emotions and to learn to give everything to God.
  9. Mother – the mother wound, rejection from the womb.
  10. Proverbs 31 & Queen of the Manner – how to run your household
  11. Inner Happiness & Character – all about the joy and the fruit of the Spirit
  12. Gifts of the Spirit & Renewing of your mind – Find out what are your gifts and how to renew your mind
  13. Marriage – what is a godly marriage
  14. Sex & Soul ties – what God say about sex and how to break sexual or unhealthy soul ties.

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